O Nas - Few words about us
GOLA jest firmą rodzinną od 1993 roku. Produkowane przez nas oryginalne stroiki i ozdoby zdobią tysiące wnętrz na całym świecie. Nasze wyroby podobają się, o czym świadczy zainteresowanie klientów między innymi na różnych targach międzynarodowych.

On pracuje z nami.

 We are a Polish family firm based in Wrocław. Our manufacture of decorating elements covers Christmas, Easter and Saint Valentine decorations. This includes plastic Christmas trees from 23 cm to 12 meters, products made of plastic conifer needles, metallic garlands and Christmas tree chains, glass balls blown and decorated manually, brocade or floccose plastic decorations, table decorations: made of cones, wicker, hay, dry twigs. We manufacture also various types of ribbon knots and "gifts" for hanging on the Christmas tree or as an additional element to the decoration. It is possible to place a logo or an applique on some of our products. We fulfil also special orders when a design is sent by the customer. For most of our products as handicraft we have certificates of the National Artistic Committee. Our rich offer covers hundreds of designs in various colour schemes, with one common feature being the highest quality and precision of making, as well as nice packaging. We issue also EUR1 document. Production capacities of our firm are very high and we can accept serious orders, fulfilling delivery dates.